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A community for all La Corda d'Oro fans. Join and you'll find media, goddies and a lot of stuff!! ^^
Hi La Corda d'Oro fans!!! Welcome to this community. Please, join and enjoy a lot sharing and posting goodies with other fans of this great anime/game/manga. Don't forget read the rules carefully ^^

What can be posted here?

Any LaCorda-related material. This includes episodes, mp3s, icons, albums, drama CDs, scans, translations, concerts, ROMs, and anything else you can think of. Fanficion and fanart are also accepted, and they're HIGHLY encouraged! News, discussion, requests for game help, and anything else like that is also fine. Really, post whatever you want.
1. Respect the other members.

2. USE TAGS (that's all I really ask for)

3. No foul language

4. No becoming brats (just coz you don't agree to a pairing or such doesn't mean you can display any miscreant behavior)

5. Lengthy posts, large images should be underneath an LJ-cut

6. No double posting!

7. Don't forget to credit when you know it's needed!

8. NO SPAMMING (relevant posts ONLY)

9. Intro post not necessary ^_^

10. If you like what you download, please purchase real copies to support the creators. I realize that it's very hard to find most of these things because they are only sold in Japan and may be old and out of print, but if you are able to buy them, please do. See below for a list of good shopping sites.

If you want to contact with the admins of this community, please, send a PM to yuukivha or anarel and wait our answer.